About Me

Hello! My name is Riley McDonald. I'm a PR guy, freelance copy editor, and the former social media analyst at Manitoba Hydro. My life revolves around technology. I read about it, I talk about it, I spend money on it, and I use it. When I was 17, my fascination with technology got me a job at an electronics store. I quit that job five years later — got a university degree, then a college diploma, then entered my career — but old habits die hard. I don't have to keep up anymore, but I still do. It's part of my identity. It's also the reason I do a weekly podcast on the subject.

Speaking of degrees and diplomas, I have a 3-year BA from the University of Winnipeg, where I majored in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications (which is a long-winded title for a major, but gets points for using an Oxford comma). From there I went to Red River College's Creative Communications program, where I majored in Public Relations. 

You may notice the site is full of grammar posts—I've kept those up because they may be useful, but I've switched gears. I need to write just as much as I need tech, so why not let them feed each other?