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Orient and Present

Did you know the word "orientate" is technically valid? I came to Google hoping to find it was a bastardization of "orient." It's not.

No, apparently "orientate" is a more British way to say "orient," which essentially means "find your bearings." Nobody can agree on the better choice (even though "orient" came first), and they're both accepted by major dictionaries. I suppose it makes sense: the word "orientation" came from "orientate."

That still doesn't make me hate it any less.

Look, I'm not just complaining because "orientate" sounds silly—even though it does—but the word also stands alone in its own ridiculous rule. "Orient," "orientate," "orientation." Why is "presentate" not a word? There's "present" and "presentation"—no in-between. Is it possible "orientate" was a mistake that wouldn't die? Come on, seriously. It sounds like a blunder, doesn't it?

I guess in the interest of being "correct," you could use both. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. Let's keep things consistent and beautify the language.

Stop saying "orientate."

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